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Who is star jones dating 2016

There are a number of studies that are being conducted through AHA partnerships that speak to the need for sleep and how it revitalizes the body.

Those are the more action-oriented things that we can do.80 percent of all cardiovascular disease is pretty much preventable.

I recently caught up with Star Jones, who is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, during her time in New York City this month for Go Red for Women to talk about raising awareness and encouraging action around heart health, her moment of realization that she was "morbidly obese," her experience of undergoing open heart surgery and everyday changes women can make to ensure that they remain heart healthy.

See photos of Star Jones: NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 09: Star Jones attends the 'Go Red for Women' fashion show during Fall 2017 New York Fashion Week at Hammerstein Ballroom on February 9, 2017 in New York City.

I then made the decision that I was going to have open heart surgery -- which is weird, because for all practical purposes it was elective and preventative.I say all of that to tell you that I had no choice after electing to have open heart surgery -- I walked out of the hospital after six days, I had a month of physical therapy at my house and thee months of intense cardiac rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Hospital.I always say that open heart surgery saved my life, but cardiac rehabilitation gave me my life .That means knowing your numbers -- BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, not smoking, being mindful of your eating choices and your exercise -- and a new piece that we've added this year is getting enough rest.Especially when it comes to busy women, sleeping is not something that people put as a priority on their list.

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