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Traffic light dating

This tower signal was manned by a police woman and she operated a revolving four-sided metal box on top of a glass showcase where the word "Stop" was painted in red and the word "Go" painted in white.

The tower was the first innovation that used the three-coloured traffic signal and appeared first in the City of Detroit, where the first three-coloured traffic light was built at the intersection of Michigan and Woodward Avenues in 1920.

By 1923 the city had installed 31 Acme traffic control devices.

The Acme semaphore traffic lights were often used in Warner Bros.

Flashing operation can also be used during times of day when traffic is light, such as late at night.

Three men were given the task of directing traffic coming in and out of either London or Southwark.

A second officer would direct traffic on the east end of the bridge to control the flow of people leaving London and going into Southwark.

They built railroad signals and were the first company to place timers in traffic lights in Houston, which was their home city.

The main advantage for the use of the timer was that it saved cities money by replacing traffic officers.

In 1922 traffic towers were beginning to be controlled by automatic timers.

The first company to add timers in traffic lights was Crouse Hinds.

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