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Yet his relevance as the father of Trump's brand of 'economic nationalism' has him clinging to Trump's legacy and has the news media unable to look away.

Politico ranked him #1 this week in its annual survey of the most relevant political voices in America.

One man in his early 70s, married to the same woman for half a century, said he hadn’t had sex with anybody for at least 25 years. There is an inherent implausibility in the idea that a couple married for 30 or 40 years would suddenly find each other irresistible just because they are now on their own again.

Most older married couples are, I suspect, much like Alma and Alfred Hitchcock in the new film about the master of suspense — sleeping miles apart in single beds with their pyjamas buttoned up to the neck.

And that leads to another problem: whatever would we have in common to talk about?

Besides, the only way an older person of either sex can hope to attract a vastly younger partner is if you are a super-rich celebrity. Every long-married person I know has told me the same story: that they are no longer having sex (at least with each other) and haven’t done for years.

The '60 Minutes' film crew set up in the house's front parlor, shooting Bannon against a backdrop of blue carpet, white stars and gold curtains. 'Bannon did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Wednesday.

One reason I moved to Oxford from London was the hope that I might meet a dishy don, instead of which I just see these sorry specimens shuffling round the supermarket like tramps trying to escape the cold.

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And although slim and stylish enough in clothes, he was hardly love’s young dream (or even geriatric dream) when stripped down to black underwear. Here were beta-blockers, statins, warfarin and paracetamol, the standard nightly pharmacopeia of today’s elderly male. He swallowed all his pills, plumped up his pillows and to get into the mood opened his version of hard porn: the New Scientist!

This noxious cocktail of prescription drugs means that they can no longer perform in bed, however much they may want to.

While these days we older women are healthy, slim and fit, most men of the same age have diabetes, dicky hearts and high blood pressure.

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