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Alison Burns, aged 49, is opening up Alison’s Superb Fish and Chip Shop with her son, Paul today.

Marks & Spencer recently reported a 300 per cent increase in sales, but the smoked herrings they have seen flying out of the store at £1 per pack are also attracting a well-heeled clientele in London's smartest restaurants.Although they are on the breakfast menu at St John's East End venture Bread and Wine, they feature all day long on the main restaurant's bar menu, and Henderson says: "They make a very fine supper." But not if you require veg at teatime: "They get in the way," he believes."The only other items on the plate should be brown bread and a wedge of lemon." M&S believes the very presence of the working man's kipper in trendy eateries has driven their sales boom.She said: “In Hindley we’re part of the community, we have customers who come for a chat and a decent meal.“Hopefully we will be a little part of the community here.” The shop, which opens at 9am in Market Street, sells all the standard fare you would expect from a chippy, including pie and peas, chip butties, sausages and of course the all important fish and chips.

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“The product has to be right, that’s what you’re selling and you need to know what to do and I have that experience now.” Mrs Burns was not worried about setting up a new fish and chip shop so close to the already established, Olympus in Great Moor Street. People can come and try our product and make their own decisions.

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