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Joyent pkgsrc updating

- Supported groonga-token-filter-stem package which provides stemming feature by Token Filter Stem token filter on Cent OS 7. If you specify "yes", you can get errors for each load failed record.

- object_inspect command has been supported to show disk usage - Falllback feature when parsing query has been supported - The score adjusting about keyword in query has been supported Update textproc/groonga to 7.0.5. Based on a PR by @siepkes (

Groonga 7.0.5 - [dump] --sort_hash_table option has been supported - math_abs() function has been supported - Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) support has been dropped Groonga 7.0.4 - Supported Debian 9 (stretch) - Added grndb log options - Improved query performance Groonga 7.0.3 - [select] Add document about Full text search with specific index name - [load][dump] Supported Apache Arrow Groonga 7.0.2 - Fixed a bug that data is lost by reindex - Supported Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) - Supported persistent cache - Added function to use an existing table as condition patterns.

Groonga 7.0.1 - Dropped Cent OS 5 support - Fixed a problem about dynamically updated index size - [experimental] Supported GRN_ORDER_BY_ESTIMATED_SIZE_ENABLE Groonga 7.0.0 - Removed needless metadata updates on DB.

In previous versions, Groonga consumed larger initial file size on windows in contrast to UNIX like environment.

To enable this feature, use ``GRN_IO_VERSION=1`` environment variable.

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The return value is calculated based on drilldown result in group.

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