Is condoleezza rice dating is bret michaels dating taya parker

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Is condoleezza rice dating

Amid questions about how Condi has shaped the face of our great American predicament, aka the Iraq war, Blitzer couldn't help asking for some dirt on Condi's life behind closed doors. She dished on Condi's strong taste for football players (we always knew she wanted to be Football Commissioner).Both Bumiller and Blitzer concurred that Condi is still seeing Gene Washington, a former NFL player and now the league's Director of Football Operations.Condoleezza "marries" the person she loves at a very deep emotional level, and is often extremely possessive and jealous of any threat to that union. Condoleezza Rice tends to be somewhat suspicious of even platonic, friendly relationships her partner has.If she is ever betrayed, Condoleezza Rice is capable of hating with as much force and intensity as she once loved.Rica was also rumored to be linked with the former wide receiver Gene Washington.

It is good for Rice to have benign outlets and ways to let off steam on a regular basis, such as demanding physical work or athletics.Condoleezza Rice takes slights and rebuffs very personally and though she may forgive a transgression by a friend or loved one, she never forgets it.Condoleezza Rice has a sympathetic nature and instinctively reaches out to people in need of help.Condoleezza Rice responds very much to the emotional tone and atmosphere around her, and can be dominated by her fluctuating and unpredictable moods.Rice often appears irrational to others because she cannot always explain the reason or source of her feelings.

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Relationships are very important to Condoleezza Rice, and she is likely to feel a strong inner bond with many of her friends.

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