Donetsk dating agency

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Donetsk dating agency

18.1% of Donetsk oblast residents supported the recent armed seizures of administrative buildings in the region, while 72% disapprove of the current actions.

Roughly 25% in the Donbas region said they would attend secessionist rallies in favor of joining Russia.

Speaking to the crowd Zakharchenko admitted DNR forces are indeed shelling from residential areas (mentioning school 41 specifically), but said that "the punishment of the enemy is everyone's shared responsibility".

The protesters, mostly from the Oktyabrskiy region of the town, called on the military command to remove "Grad" launchers from this residential area that are notoriously used to fire at Ukrainian positions, provoking return fire and causing civilian casualties.

While support for regional independence is low, only a third of polled Donetsk inhabitants identified themselves as "citizens of Ukraine", preferring instead "Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine" or "residents of Donbass".

The Kiev International Institute of Sociology released a second study with polling data taken from 8–16 April.

The referendum organizers claimed that 89% voted in favor of self-rule, with 10% against, on a turnout of nearly 75%.

The results of the referendums were not officially recognised by any government, including those of Ukraine, the United States, the countries of the European Union, and Russia.

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The DPR was nominally founded by the Donetsk Republic separatist organization, which has been banned in Ukraine since 2007.

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