Brent smith absolute power dating video

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Brent smith absolute power dating video

The mouth opens into a triradiate, muscular, sucking pharynx.

The biggest adults may reach a body length of 1.5 mm (0.059 in), the smallest below 0.1 mm.

The pharynx connects to a short esophagus, and then to an intestine that occupies much of the length of the body, which is the main site of digestion.

The intestine opens, via a short rectum, to an anus located at the terminal end of the body.

Some tardigrades have three tubular glands associated with the rectum; these may be excretory organs similar to the Malpighian tubules of arthropods, although the details remain unclear.

The tubular mouth is armed with stylets, which are used to pierce the plant cells, algae, or small invertebrates on which the tardigrades feed, releasing the body fluids or cell contents.

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Mating occurs during the molt with the eggs being laid inside the shed cuticle of the female and then covered with sperm.